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About ExoTrinity Sports

The story behind the brand


Why the name ExoTrinity Sports?


Good question!


Exo means "External, or from the outside".


Trinity refers to a group of three founding focuses, or the 3 F's.


Flex. Form. Function.


So ExoTrinity Sports focuses on how from the outside (Exo - always natural, external with no supplements or anything inside the body), we can help our customers to perform faster, better and stronger.


Focusing on:


  • The Flex of the muscle.
  • The Form of the exercise.
  • And the Function of the movement.


ExoTrinity Sports was started by one man who had a vision for something different... Eric Tanner.


A word from ExoTrinity Sports founder...


"As a consumer I found myself tired of either not finding the exact product I wanted, it not being quite right, or having to put up with zero support from the brand. It's like, when they get really big, they start forgetting there's a name and face behind their customer.. and then it seems to be just about the numbers.


I made a pledge to remember, however big the brand got, that it's our customers that put us there and we'd treat them with care, respect and support them in their fitness and exercise goals with the BEST products on the market.


We will never do cheap. Never do poor quality.


Our aim is the highest quality at all times. And have no doubt about it, we're a premium brand supporting people that want the best. We leave the cheap stuff to other people.


As a lifelong martial artist and gym enthusiast, there's been many times when niggling injuries could have been prevented or helped to get better in quicker time, and the only support I got was to be told by my physician to stop doing the sports I loved - which was never an option.


Every time I would ignore him, because it's easy for somebody else to tell you your passion is the thing that's hurting you, but it's YOUR passion. And fitness, sports and martial arts are my life. I'd rather die than give them up!


So, after I received a foot injury that nobody could explain, x-ray showed no broken bones but meant I struggled to put any weight on it for 3 months, I found Kinesiology tape, and I never looked back. I was walking properly again within a few days and back doing my martial arts, kicking with full power on the foot I couldn't walk on within the week. And nothing changed over those 3 months, other than the fact I found Kinesiology tape.


But the problem with most tapes were some were too thin which made them ineffective. Some were too thick which meant that even with the stickiest of glue, they still rolled up at the edges, usually within 5 minutes of putting it on. And most just weren't sticky enough.


After using all the big name brands of tape at the time, I found none that I could fall in love with. Hey, some were great, but most were not. And none were perfect. So I decided to launch a Kinesiology tape brand of my own - hence the birth of EX9 Tape.


I feel EX9 is the perfect blend of everything I was looking for in a tape. It sticks great. Stays on for days even after showering or swimming, and isn't precut so it's a one-size-fits all approach that I like.


Imagine trying to put a precut strip of tape on a 7 foot basket baller and then that same size tape on a 5 foot female volleyball player. The precut stuff is nice, but I find the uncut roll better.


And even more importantly it is a one-way stretch perfect blend of cotton and elastane with the exact thickness that provides superior results.


The medical community have at times in the past suggested there's no scientific evidence to support the reported benefits of the product, and we understand that, but there's no doubt it works. All you have to do is turn on the TV or browse the Internet for a while and you'll see all kinds of professional sports people, athletes and Olympians using Kinesiology tape.


That's because they know, it works.


We suggest that you try it. We back all our ExoTrinity Sports products up with a full money back guarantee for life. All just part of the service."





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