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"This tape is incredible! I have been in several car accidents and have chronic back issues for which I usually use a back brace to alleviate the pain. But this tape gives me better support than a brace and without the bulk and discomfort of wearing a larger device. It’s easy to apply and remove and has great adhesion!"


- Edge, Amazon Reviewer



"EX9 Kinesiology tape works surprisingly well, but I must admit, I was skeptical at first. Great for the active person, a good quality tape that can last for days at a time without peeling. It is comfortable to wear and leaves no residue on my skin when taking it off. I have tried a few other kinds of tape but this one is the best to date because it doesn't irritate my skin. Its small enough to put in a small bag so portable while on the go."


-Pennie Mae Cartawick (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)



"I am impressed with the quality. Having extremely oily skin, I'm astonished at how well this stuff sticks. This has been on a week and that's with daily baths.... I also have sensitive skin and react to many adhesives, but this causes no problem at all."


-Kathleen Hancock (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)



"This product is excellent!... Hypoallergenic, Latex-free, and 96% cotton, this product will not irritate even the most sensitive skin like mine. I have used this product on my arms for my tendonitis. It will still pull as you rip the tape off when you are done using it, but non irritating. Highly recommend this product for the casual user or the avid athlete!"


-J. Graham



"I suffer from knee issues from a lateral tear in my left hamstring. It can take a very long time for this kind of injury (lateral versus horizontal tear) and I have had the problem for close to four years. I used a cane for years but have now strengthened the knee so that I only need some support when I will be on it for hours... What I like about tape versus my cane is that as the tape was under my pants, no one (except me) knew that I had it on."


-Vicki L.



"This is perfect for runners! I tend to have muscle aches from running and Kinesiology tape really helps. This tape is nice and wide for full coverage and is very flexible. The box doubles as a dispenser which makes it easy to pull out and cut off to apply. The sticky part holds well on the skin but don't hurt when you pull it off the skin/hair. The tape is cotton based and it is VERY flexible. There is a poster enclosed in the box with tips and pictures on how to use the EX9 Kinesiology tape. Very helpful for first time users."





"All of my children work out and I do Yoga . My one daughter had a knee problem, as did my son, yet they still work out pain and all. I thought this would be a good product to try on them and it has been. Now I used some just because I am older and at times a little bit of support in the legs help me and this product did just that, gave support. Now both of my children put some on where their injuries had been and worked out for about a week. Not hard work outs, but work outs none the less. All of us were much more comfortable in our workouts, the pain definitely was not there and we could feel a lot of support. All of us give this product a thumbs up. I'm keeping it around because it really made a difference for me. I'll try to update the more we use it, but for now I have to say good product that definitely makes a difference."


-Shirley Priscilla Johnson



"This is an awesome sports tape. I have been using Kinesiology tape for years to tape up my shoulder after a car accident. The tape helps relieve the pain and holds my shoulder up better until I can get surgery to fix it. This tape is perfect not only do you get to pick the color you want but so it can match what you are wearing or doing but it is high quality tape. It is easy to apply and stays on for a few days even with showering which is great. I peel it off in the shower so it doesn't hurt as much and this is perfect all around."


-Angela Anderson



"Perfect example of a great kinesiology tape. Since we have started using this, we will never go back to standard wrap in our house. This product is great and the price is comparable to better than the big name brands and works just as well. The instructions are clear and the tape is easy to use.. a must for any athletes."


-Heather H.



"I love running... It stayed in place the whole time and moved with my body. It really made a great difference in my legs. I love this tape will be buying again. I would recommend to any runner or athlete."


-K Wethington



"I love that this comes in fun color options! I have it in the pink! This tape is a must for me when I workout! I have always had trouble with my knees, and this tape gives great support without being restrictive! I love that this is waterproof, and it stays until I am ready to take it off! This would be a great gift for any athlete!"


-Demarchlier Pukanecz (TOP 500 REVIEWER)



"I gave this tape to my brother to use with his hockey team. They go through tape like crazy. The athletes on his team are very particular about the quality of tape they use. Some tape comes off easily when they are playing and sweating. I thought that letting them use this tape was the best test of the product. My brother assured me that his team loved it. In fact they were asking for EX9 Tape specifically before games and practices and they were pretty bummed out when they ran out! The athletes have voted and they all decided that they like the EX9 tape the best!"


-S.T Hunter



"I have circulation issues in my legs so I have applied it to my legs and to my lower back and hips to help with disc issues and sciatica. I have noticed improvements in pain and endurance and I feel great. The tape sticks well, even with showering and sweating thru a workout daily, it lasts me between 4-6 days. It is easy to put on and it peels off without pain. This is a great way to help your body naturally, its safe and effective."





"I am a long time user of Kinesiology Tape. It reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances my performance especially during my workout sessions. ExoTrinity EX9 Kinesiology Tape provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries. It is fast and easy to apply."


-Fatmata Elba



"Extremely functional and efficient. The roll is very long, its a bit over 16 feet and 2 inches wide. I have had to wear a brace since I was in high school during those days of extracurricular sports, volleyball, basketball, etc. I always hated it. After using every time I go workout, I will not go back to the brace. I feel like I will not have to either. This tape has helped with the effect of soreness after as well as the healing time being shortened. It gives a good tight compression as well. Its easy to put on, and can be cut to whatever I need. It even stays on for a pretty good amount of time."


-Holly Piper



"The first time I purchased Kinesiology tape, I didn't think that it would do anything. Really, how can a tape help you? But, then I tried it. Kinesiology tape is amazing for pain. The first time I used, it all but automatically cleared up a neck ache for me. I don't know how it does it but it's the best product I've found for relieving muscle aches. This tape really can help you and I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from muscle aches and pains!"


-Merl Mount



"This Kinesiology tape is simply the best!!! I love this product. When I got this box. I was screaming with joy because now. My pain will be gone when I'm running... I love this product!"





"I recently started using this for my runners knee. I've tried different wrap tapes which never seem to work well. But this one really helped out with my knee pain while running. I'm so excited that I came across this product. Its a must have for any runner."


-Heather Pollock



"My brother has been doing CrossFit for about a year now, and I knew exactly who to give it to. He said & I quote "This is hands down the best kinesiology tape that I have used by far". He then went on to tell me that other tapes have come off as he has started to sweat or if he went into water (mud runs), but ExoTrinity EX9 tape has held strong. So far, so good."





"...It's such a relief to me to have this option. I am really impressed with this kinesiology tape. I feel very comfortable in recommending it."


-Carol S.



"I absolutely love it, I didn't think it would work that fast. About month ago I injured my knee and various muscles and tried different knee supports that haven't really worked. I didn't think the kinesiology tape would make much difference...but when I went to do my exercises, it worked straight away. I barely had any pain and I could actually walk properly again which was a huge relief. It does seem relatively easy to apply and does what is expected. No skin irritation, leaves no residue. Honestly, I don't know how or why this works, but it certainly does. This is an excellent item for any active person to keep in sports bag in case of injury."





"Who would have thought TAPE could help so much. I love to be going and doing as much as possible. Yet as I have aged, I have a lot more muscle, joint pains. This product, I tried as soon as it arrived. I used it before going for a walk, on only my one upper thigh area. I have burning muscle pain, nerve damage. This really seemed to improve it!! Even after removing the tape later in the night when my muscle aches are the worse, where I used the tape the muscle pain was not as intense! I am looking forward to taking this to my physician, and showing him."


-(No Name)



"This tape is quite awesome! I tested it on my Achilles Tendon area on my leg. I followed the directions. I put it on one leg and not the other to see the difference it made. My tendon with the tape felt way more supported. My husband will be using this on his shoulder to help with an injury he got when we were moving. This leaves no residue on your skin which is so important for me. It doesn't leave my skin irritated either. Other than my foot feeling way more support its hard to tell its there. I would so much rather wear this than a traditional brace any day! I have weak ankles so this will be absolutely perfect for them."


-(No Name)



"This is great. I have a lot of back ache and pain, so i tried this out. and My oh My was i impressed. It was so fast acting! i felt better fast. It is actually great. I was so happy with this purchase, it will deff be one of my go to's now for pain relief! I love how its just tape you put on and then wow! better!"


-Lauren Cheely



"I tried it on my knee and it works great! I was able to hiking as usual and go hard at mountain without the pain in my knee. Once on, it felt so much better and I was surprised how well it helped. I am very satisfied with this product because not feel the pain anymore. This tape is exceptional and I'll definitely recommend it to anyone."





"Tape worked so well. I was able to workout as well as climb stairs in my house with no pain. Great quality and last for days without peeling. I followed the directions on how to apply it and I had ZERO pain. Shipping was fast and packaged well."


-Jenny C.



"I have been using this kinesiology tape for my knee while I do my workouts, and I have been able to workout longer than I normally can because my knee starts hurting too bad. Ever since I had a twin pregnancy, my joints just don't work like they used to, and my knee gives me more problems than anywhere else, often preventing me from exercising, or being very active. I followed the directions, included with the roll of tape, and apply the tape as described around my knees. It felt a little weird at first, but after I had it on a while I almost forgot it was there."





"I never would have thought I could get extra joint support with just a few strips of tape. It was suprisingly comfortable to wear and not bulky, hot or restrictive like a brace or wrap. So far, I've used it on my heel/achilles tendon, knee and elbow. It handled a lot of movement and friction and left no residue when I took it off a couple of days later. While using it, my joints felt supported and I experienced a light reduction in pain and was able to extend my walks. The clear, full color instructions with pictures are much appreciated."





"I wish I could comment on "how" this EX9 Kinesiology tape works, but all I can really say is that it DOES! I was a skeptic, I will admit! But after using the tape I am now a believer! I used the tape to aid in heavy workouts, both to increase my performance and maintain proper form, as well as to help reduce fatigue and muscle pain/inflammation. I feel that the tape helped with everything I wanted it to. Overall I would recommend trying our the kinesiology tape! Hopefully it can help you like it helped me!"





"My son has been using Kinesiology tape for awhile now for a shoulder and arm injury he sustained playing baseball. It is amazing how much this tape helps. It has really helped to speed up his recovery time. He hasn't needed a brace or traditional taping thanks to this. He has been able to maintain full range-of-motion while wearing the tape (which stays on for 3-5 days, even through bathing) and hasn't had to stop participating in his team sports. It has also helped reduce the pain he experiences. I don't know how it works, but it does. I didn't know Kinesiology tape existed until his PT introduced us to it and I can honestly say this is the best stuff ever! We have tried several different brands over the course of his therapy and I am very impressed by ExoTrinity's tape. This brand sticks longer than any others we've tried."


-Mia Dawson



"I never knew this existed. I am so glad to have found it. I have MS and I try to walk twice a week and do other activities to keep my muscles in shape which lessens the MS disease symptoms. There have been days where I have been unable to be active. I tried this assisting tape and am so impressed I am having difficulty putting it into words. The tape is water resistant so it stays in place for days. It moves with your natural body elasticity which is non restricting, very supporting. It did not break out my skin nor anything bad reaction to using as it is hypoallergenic and breathable. This is such an amazing addition to my daily needs I am just amazed. Try it. I did."


-Lori Lynn Johnson



"Got this a few days ago and was lucky enough to receive the tape before my coed softball league. I just turned 30 in February and I have been feeling the age lately. Maybe it is in my head but nonetheless this tape, once placed in correct positions worked great. I play outfield and we play in a "D" league. So everyone played college ball so the talent is pretty good, so I am constantly running around in outfield. Normally the day after the game I am hurting from the waist down. With the help of this Exo tape I didn't feel anything at all the next day. Not to mention it makes you feel cool, or maybe that is just me. I will definitely be ordering more of this very soon."


-Clayton Burgett



"I am not new to using Kinesiology tape, but I also know there are many brands I would never use again. But thank goodness this is a great quality brand. I use this tape on my husbands lower back & on his shoulder injury & it really does help. So really he is the one that needs to be pleased with the tape & I have several I use on him but this one is the one he started asking for by color because he said it was the best of the 3. He was like no use the black roll :) It does not irritate his skin & holds on great. We have also found this take great for my weaker knees & my daughters hip & as the need arises other issues from walking, running & exercising. To us it is a must to have on hand."


-Cheree Teachout



"I chose this tape knowing that with spring comes a ton (literally unfortunately) of yard work. Yard work means stressing a wonky shoulder injured years ago and unhappily suseptible to re-injury. For the past couple of days, I’ve used the tape as suggested in the instructions to support my shoulder and prevent the pain that has accompanied spring in past years. I’m impressed with how well this works and will be getting another roll to set aside for emergencies. Amazing results!"


-Phyllis Staff



"I recently discovered EX9 Kinesiology tape and am so happy I did. I am on the computer entirely too much and my right wrist hurts me from being on the mouse so much. When I got the tape I wrapped my wrist and was very happy with the results. It takes the pressure off of my wrist and really eases the pain. ExoTrinity Sports has a really great Get Started Guide included in the box that shows the best ways to cut and apply the tape, which I found helpful, as I would have not thought to round off the corners to prevent rolling."


-Betty Coleman



"This EX9 Kinesiology tape is great to use at the gym, while running or walking, hiking or even bike riding..Its comfortable

on your skin and doesnt leave any residue when you take it off (which i love)..I will say if you have a weak ankle or wrist

then this tape will help.."





"My physical therapist used this tape on my shoulder after I had rotator cuff surgery. It really helped me. I had surgery on both knees for menicus tear. Every now and then my knees act up and I am in a lot of pain. So I decided to use the tape on my knees. It has given me a tremendous improvement. I am able to walk and exercise with the support it is given me. It was east to put on. The tape stood on securely, did not come off during shower. Stood on for five days without any problems. Thanks!"


-Helen S.



"It actually stays on! I have had such a hard time finding a Kinesiology tape that does not start peeling after thirty minute to an hour. I like to use it when my back gets sore or my knee as in the case of my attached photo. It really helps relieve the soreness. My hunny is a pro wrestler and he says it lifts the skin from the muscle which makes it feel better. I don't know what it does. All I know is it feels much better, and this particular tape stays on."


-Tizzy L.



"So happy to be able to purchase this product online through Amazon. My daughter dislocated her knee in a sports injury and had to go through physical therapy. In therapy they would use tape to help support her muscles during the recovery process. This tape is very similar to the super expensive tape the therapist was using. Since we are longer needing the therapy this is a great option for purchase to give her the added stability during her sports training and events."





"This is an excellent sports tape!! Perfect for athletes or anyone with an injury or a need for extra support. My daughter is a gymnist and this tape is perfect for her. Its breathable and flexible which is VERY important when maneuvering skills on the floor or beam. Precision is everything. This tape offers great support and aides recovery from minor injuries. This will definitely be a staple in her gym bag from now on!"


-Madison T. Edwards



"This tape is made of a very good quality and works very well. Honestly, this seems to be a very reliable tape. It stayed on for me until I removed it. Very nice product. I'd recommend."


-Nancy M.



"I have severe pain so I was a but skeptical about this product. But to my suprise it helps a lot. I have a lot of pain in my knees and I dont like taking pain meds. So this tape is amazing. It doesnt irritate your skin or anything unlike some products."





"This tape is great. Very flexible and really like that you can cut it into the size and shape you prefer. Nothing goes to waste."


-Amber Onopa



"Love this product. Really works on my shoulder."


-Lana Crosley



"Wonderful for the sports participant. Love this stuff!"





"Using on my arms & legs. It stayed on good."





"My son loves it!"


-Beth Jones



"Very good product!"


-Brad Hsueh



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