EX9 Tape - Premium Kinesiology Tape by ExoTrinity Sports

...is a revolutionary new system for sports and athletic taping...
























EX9 Tape helps:

  • Increase Performance
  • Delay the Onset of Physical Fatigue
  • Recover and Rehabilitate sporting based injuries
  • Aid in maintaining proper form without reducing range of motion
  • Supply Compression and Decompression - due to its unique "one-way-stretch" capabilities
  • Ease Pain and Inflammation
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Promote Better Lymphatic Drainage


Professional sports people, athletes and fitness fanatics all over the world are turning to EX9 Premium Kinesiology Tape to help them perform better, and to help prevent minor sporting injuries that can stop their training in its tracks.


EX9 Tape is often used to help aid and recover faster from sporting and exercise based injuries but that's not the only benefit of this amazing new tape.


EX9 Tape is:


  • Latex-Free and Hypoallergenic - kind even to more sensitive skin.
  • Highly Water Resistant -  which means you can use EX9 Tape in the swimming pool and even wear it in the shower - many other brands claim their tape is waterproof, there's no such thing!
  • Breathable 96% Cotton Design - wicks away moisture and sweat so it'll stick and stick well, even under the most demanding workouts.
  • Heat-Activated Advanced Acrylic Adhesive - sticks better than other brands in our tests up to 5+ days, 24/7.



EX9 Tape is backed by our ExoTrinity Sports 100% No-Questions-Asked LIFETIME FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE


If you don't LOVE EX9 Tape as much as we do, we WANT you to have your money back! All you do, is return the unused portion of it back to us (even if you've tried it) and we'll refund your money in full. No quibbles. No queries. Just a straight refund and a genuine thank you for giving us a try.


So, how come your money-back guarantee is so strong? Aren't you opening yourself up to abuse?


We believe in EX9 Tape. We know it's amongst the best Kinesiology tape on the market (we believe it IS the best) and we know that when you try it, you're going to love it!









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